Hello. If you have come to our site, then most likely you are interested in information about your ancestors. Since 2011, Prashur has been studying pedigrees and family history. We provide a full range of services related to genealogy - from searching for lost facts to printing generic posters.
Comprehensive genealogical research - all documents found are processed for the settlements where the client's ancestors come from and a scheme is drawn up with the maximum number of ancestors in all lines. As a result, you get a complete family tree and find out with which genera you have family ties.
Research on a specific surname - all documents found are processed for the locality where the ancestor with a specific surname comes from and a scheme of the genus is drawn up, where you can see all the branches of the carriers of the surname from a common ancestor to the present day.
Archival search of materials - search in the archive for confirmation of a certain fact that is of interest to the client.
The design of a family tree is an assembly of all known ancestors into a single scheme, design by a designer and printing in the form of a picture or poster.
Establishing Lost Facts - There are often stories or legends in the family, we can confirm or refute them with the help of documents.
Confirmation of Polish origin - search for documents that indicate the Polish nationality of your ancestors in order to obtain a Pole's card.
Holding family holidays is the organization and holding of a family holiday, at which a compiled pedigree can be presented. On the holiday, at the request of the client, real Cossacks, bandura players, folk choirs, fire shows, national entertainments for children can be present.
Creation of family sites - an open or closed (at the request of the client) family site is created, where representatives of the clan can be invited to exchange information and jointly study the history of the family.
Archiving family history - storing family history and supplementing it with new facts, maintaining a family website.
Have you ever thought about the fact that each of us has 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, etc. exponentially? And already in the 10th generation, this is 1024 people, or 1024 clans, whose representatives gave their descendants so that you can live today. As Practice shows, 10 generations is only 300-350 years ago. Perhaps among your ancestors there are famous noble or noble families? But if not, then being a descendant of Ukrainian Cossacks, or farmers, is no worse. After all, where would the privileged estates be without the bulk of the farmers?
The genealogy of all the inhabitants of the village is studied with a variety of plexuses of various genera among themselves and this is supplemented by the history of the village. The end result is a book that contains a genealogical list of any native of the village and shows his connections with any other native. This allows you to automatically find all your possible direct ancestors from this locality and show their connections with other families. The presentation of the book can be implemented as a family festival in your locality, with a display of huge tribal schemes, a story about the history of the village and its inhabitants, kulesh, a fire show from real Cossacks and playing the bandura.
You will be pleased to work with us, as genealogy is our passion!

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    Why a family tree?

    He who does not know his past is not worthy of his future.
    M. Rylsky

    A good gift for parents for an anniversary, for children for a wedding or at the birth of a child, for a business partner.

    In order to interest children in history through the history of their family. Show that their immediate ancestors were participants in historical processes.

    For family reunion.

    To satisfy the interest: “Who are my ancestors anyway? Are there nobles, gentry among them?

    From a psychological point of view, for working out generic programs.

    For the revival of spiritual connection with the land of ancestors, family, clan, people.

    From a Christian point of view need know the seven generations of your ancestors so that you can pray for the forgiveness of their sins and the release of yourself and your children from their consequences.

    The first stage is a survey of the client to find out his needs and find out the initial information from which you can start (place of birth of ancestors, oldest known ancestor, religion, social status.)
    The second stage is the analysis of the available materials in the archives, where documents from a particular area can be stored. This includes working with inventories of funds related to a given area, analyzing the prospects of documents and compiling a list of documents for each archive of interest.
    The third stage is, in fact, research in the archive. This includes ordering documents for issuance, working with documents (proofreading, extracting the necessary information), ordering digital copies of the necessary pages.
    The fourth stage is the analysis of the information found in the archive and its compilation into a single generic scheme, with the entry of all information into a single database.
    Supplementing the information found with information that the client and his relatives know. Entering modern representatives of the genus into the tree.
    Search for the descendants of the genus with whom communication was lost. For example, the descendants of the brothers of the grandfather or great-grandfather. (At the request of the client)
    Making a family tree in the form of posters, a family book or a family website.
    Final result
    With a complete genealogical study, you receive detailed information about the maximum number of your ancestors, usually up to 8-10 generations, in a digital copy that can be viewed on your computer or posted on a website. You also get a poster of your immediate ancestors. Poster of the descendants of your most distant ancestor on the paternal side (genus tree). If desired, the result of the work can be issued in a family book. The poster can be issued in the form of a picture, which can serve as a wonderful gift.

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