If you have a need to search for documents that could confirm Jewry – contact us and  we will help to  make it effective!

Confirmation Jewish – search of archival documents indicating that your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather have Jewish heritage.

To whom and in what situation requires service is useful?

This service will be useful to people who have Jewish heritage and wish to go to Israel, Germany or for other purposes. Perhaps required documents no previous search was unsuccessful. We’ll help find the necessary documents, based on our own experience.

       What is the content, sequence of work?

Work carried out in two stages. The first – the documentary analysis framework and analysis of your situation. After that we can find out what archival documents preserved by locality and identify further research prospects. The second stage – direct search of the record count of nationality in documents that have preserved

         What will be the result of the service?

Search results provided document safety and availability record “Jew” you can confirm Jewish origin for immigration, repatriation or for other purposes.

Entrusting Search Archive materials wherever indicate the nationality, to us; you can concentrate on other matters and can be assured that we will do our utmost to help you solve the problem of lack of documents.

          What you get in a result of work?

As a result of the statement you receive from the archives of the “wet” seal. Sends you personally or forward mail.

What is required of you in providing the service? Which provides for technology cooperation?

To start working on you need the following data: name of the town where was born the  family member, year of birth (at least approximately),his/ her name. In the process, if the need arises, may require additional information about relatives. Effective cooperation is possible only provided baseline data accuracy.

         What is the duration of work?

Deadline – a month and a half.

What is the cost of work?

Cost – 1900-2900 in Ukraine by region. In severe cases, you can use a specialized search for a fee (on the spot, the search of documents rare).

What guarantees and warranties we provide in connection with the service? If documents with a record of Hebrew nationality archives are, we must find them. We value our reputation and are interested to surpass your expectations and satisfy needs. If you are ready to use our services or you have any questionscontact us.

Will be glad tohelp.

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