Thank you for visiting our website! On this page, you will find answers to any questions reguarding our genealogy research fees and fee coverage.

The estimated cost of 7-10-generation genealogy research, carried out within about a year, is USD 2-3 thou and up. The fee is paid in installments over a year.

The final cost of building a family tree depends on numerous factors (which are listed below). Forecasts as to the research cost and results are made after the first stage of the research is completed. The final cost can be from $500 to $5,000, depending on how much genealogical information you request.

Factors that affect the cost of genealogy research:

  1. Number of places where research is carried out;
  2. Number of archive documents processed;
  3. Number of findings;
  4. Number of findings entered into the family tree database;
  5. Number of research trips;
  6. Number of copied documents.

Cost of work:

1. Documentary analysis — searching archive reference books and genealogical documents (parish registers, confession attendance lists, census lists, household lists, civil registers, etc.) and submitting a report with a list of findings — $50.

2.Going through a year’s worth of records in a particular register — going through documents in archive search rooms in search of information about your family — $30.

3.Finding — finding a record about the family and extraction of information or making a copy of the relevant page — $3.

4.Adding information to the family tree — entering the findings into the single database with linkage to other family members, including references to the source of information – $3.

5.Research trip — a trip to the locality and collection of information on site (interviewing relatives and old village residents; communicating with the village mayor and village council secretary; interviewing local historians, priests, librarians; searching for church documents that were not transferred to the archive; searching for household books; photographing religious buildings and monuments) — $200 (excluding traveling expenses).

Every finding is confirmed by an archive document.

Payment is made in installments of $200. After we have carried out the pre-paid leg of work, we submit a completion report with a detailed financial statement. That done, the next research stage is discussed.


Sample work completion report and expenditure statement

How we work?

2.Fill out the form regarding on the site (

3.Advance payment

4.We’re form a family tree

5.We’re reviewing the archive documents and organizing facts in the program Family Tree Builder

6.Starts the first stages genealogical research

Based on the information you have about your ancestry: the place where your ancestors were born, their religion, social status, last name, we undertake research. First off, we review the priority documents and then move on, depending on the findings made.

We start by analyzing the availability and degree of preservation of documents in archives in a particular place (documentary analysis), determine priority areas and start searching for information about your ancestors.

    The research is conducted in stages. Each stage is discussed with and approved by you based on your requirements and means.

    The final cost of genealogy research generally covers the number of documents searched through, findings, research trips (if any), designing a family tree chart poster, family history book or scroll (if requested; we will discuss this option and calculate the cost after the research is completed).

In this country, it is generally possible to trace the family history back to 7-10 generations on either side of the family.
The research usually takes about a year.

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